Steel strong and Steel secure - Hosse and Hosse has released their own line of padlocks.

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Hosse and Hosse is continuing to grow and offer their clients peace of mind and security. We are now offering our very own custom-made padlock, that is a 100% USA product. It’s made with solid brass with a hardened steel shackle, which makes it almost a guarantee that it is capable of protecting any property. “I saw a lack of quality and consistency in the padlock market. I wanted more control over the lock components so that our customers could buy real security and know that their commercial property down to their bike was secure,” said owner, Eric Roberts.
Available since January of this year and only available at Hosse and Hosse, this padlock has been praised by clients. Ranging in size, there’s a solution for any security need. The larger padlock offers the convenience ability of being able to be keyed to any key. These can match any home, business to storage units, and can be restricted to allow only certain individuals entry. All padlocks can be restricted meaning that only certain individuals can retain a copy by request. A restricted lock is more secure and difficult to make a fake or non approved key for – a great asset for high traffic areas such as event spaces, apartments, and hotels. Hosse and Hosse wants to offer their customers the chance to receive a personalized lock that can fit any and all of their security needs. The wide selection of uses these locks offer can be applicable to your budget and used for commercial, personal, and residential properties.

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