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Choosing lock hardware for your home can be an overwhelming decision.

Choosing lock hardware for your home can be an overwhelming decision for something that seems quite small. At Hosse and Hosse, we understand that you not only want the locks on your doors to provide high security and safety for your home, but you want them to match the look and feel of your home décor. For residential lock hardware, then, the process of purchasing is typically centered around those two thoughts: what sort of lock will provide the kind of security we are interested in, and what kind of lock will also look good while serving its purpose?
At Hosse and Hosse, we carry a wide variety of hardware brands, and can offer you choices in doorknobs and levers, handle sets, deadbolts, electronic locks, and other hardware accessories.
In choosing lock hardware for a commercial space, there are several things to consider. First, you’ll need to consider whether or not you need grade 1 or 2 lock hardware. You’ll also want to think about whether décor is a part of the hardware decision. Grade 1 locks are essentially quality locks that are most commonly used in commercial buildings and units that have significant entry and exit traffic. Grade 2 locks are those considered to be associated with large residential use and light commercial use.
Thus, if you’re searching specifically for lock hardware for a high traffic commercial space, then Grade 1 lock hardware is probably the best choice. Still, regardless of whether it’s Grade 1 or Grade 2 hardware that you may need, Hosse and Hosse can service or repair it as well. Decorative hardware, price point hardware, door closers, and panic devices are all specific types of lock hardware that we’re able to service here at Hosse and Hosse.

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