Interchangeable Locks

An interchangeable core lock is a small mechanism in the shape of a figure eight.


Interchangeable core locks (also known as IC core) are a specific type of lock that work for padlocks, doors, etc, and are particularly useful because you can typically change out all the cores yourself, seeing as the lock has a removable core that holds the actual key cylinder. Essentially, an interchangeable core lock is a small mechanism in the shape of a figure eight, and it differs from a standard key cylinder because an IC core depends on a specific “control” key in order to function.

As mentioned, IC core locks can be changed quickly and easily and can usually be done without using tools. If you can insert the control key and turn it slightly to the right, you can change the IC core lock yourself without the help of a locksmith. In commercial spaces that let people go often, IC core locks are useful in that little effort is needed to change the lock out and replace with a new one.

Commercial spaces looking for a lot of flexibility to manage the locks in their facility may appreciate IC locks in particular. While interchangeable core locks can sometimes be considered “easier to pick” than other locks, they can save the owner of a commercial space significant time and effort as well. Hosse and Hosse carries a variety of IC core brands and, as always, can determine if this might be a good option for your commercial unit.

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