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Wide selection of high security lock options.


If your commercial space or business is in need of high security locks, then Hosse and Hosse is ready to help you maximize the safety and security of your space with our wide selection of high security lock options. Because the safety of you, your unit, and your employees is of the utmost importance, we value our ability to provide you with the highest security lock systems. In addition, we have a wide range of options in order for you to choose what works best for you, whether you need standard keyways or magnetic keys, we can provide you with options to choose from.

There are several different types of high security lock options for commercial use. First, there is the standard keyway, also known as an open stock keyway; anyone can make a key for this type of lock. There is also a patented keyway, which means that we at Hosse and Hosse cannot duplicate the key without written permission. In addition, we have electric locks, which are typically battery powered and may be a good choice depending on your needs.

For high security lock there are UL (Underwriters Laboratories) requirements that must be met, and Hosse and Hosse can help ensure your high security locks are up to UL requirements. If you are trying to set up a magnetic key system or need help with your current system, Hosse and Hosse can also help with magnetic locks and different brands of high security locks such as Medeco locks and Abloy locks. Medeco locks are the most commonly used high security locks in the country, and are known for being pick-resistant, possessing superior physical strength, and having significant key control. So, regardless of the brand you are seeking or the system you’re looking to put into place, Hosse and Hosse can provide you with quality service for high security lock needs.

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