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Protecting your home and property.

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Check out all our general Locksmith services


Security Safes

We sell all sizes and makes of security safes, from meeting large commercial needs.

Access Control Systems

Gates and Doors, Pedestrian and Vehicle Gates, Stand Alone Access Control and many more.

Burglarized Safes

Burglarized safes for your convenience.

General Lock Repair

If you have a broken lock, we at Hosse and Hosse can’t fix it.

Interchangeable Locks

An interchangeable core lock is a small mechanism in the shape of a figure eight.

Key Copies

Hosse and Hosse can provide key copies when duplicates are necessary.

Lock Repair

Hosse and Hosse can easily replace the lock or offer other security solutions.

Rebuilding Safe Locks

Hosse and Hosse has experience working with virtually every type of safe lock out there.

Rebuilt Safe Locks

Hosse and Hosse has years of experience working with safes.

Rekeying Locks

Rekeying locks is a process that involves changing a lock so that a new key can unlock and lock it.

Restricted Keys

Hosse and Hosse has experience working with restricted key systems.

Safe Combination Changes

Residential and commercial safes are a great high security way.

Safe Repair and Lock Replacement

Hosse and Hosse aims to make it as simple and hassle-free as possible.

Security and Lock Audit

Hosse and Hosse identify any security issues your commercial space might have.

Types of Safes

Hosse and Hosse carries a wide variety of safes for your commercial and residential needs.

Vault Door Lock Repair

We can service the lock and doors that provide entryway to these spaces.

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