Burglarized Safes

Burglarized safes for your convenience.


Despite the fact that safes are designed to provide one of the highest levels of security, instances do occur where the security of a safe is breached. In this unfortunate circumstance, the first question for an owner is often that of: what do I do now? In order to ensure your peace of mind and restore your safe to a secure and functional state, Hosse and Hosse has outlined some frequently asked questions about burglarized safes for your convenience.

If you know the answer to this question (which, often, you may not), Hosse and Hosse may be able to work more quickly to reopen your safe. We have a skilled team with vast experience that can typically reopen any safe without damage to the safe itself.
Instead of attempting to reopen the safe individually or fix it by yourself, feel free to call Hosse and Hosse to have an expert come and assess the burglary. We have highly trained locksmiths that have worked with safes of all brands and containing all lock types.
Hosse and Hosse can help you decide on the best safe for you if you should decide to replace a burglarized safe or a safe that has been damaged. We want to help you determine the best safe for your needs.

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