Automotive Locksets

Hosse and Hosse can always provide and install new locksets for your car.


In addition to providing a variety of other automotive locksmith services, Hosse and Hosse can always provide and install new locksets for your car if needed. Just like with residential and commercial locksets, locksets for cars are the actual hardware that make up the lock itself. And, depending on the model and make of your car, the options for new locksets will vary. Here at Hosse and Hosse, we work hard to be able to provide a large variety of lockset and key brands for all lockset needs.

New locksets for your car might be the right option for you if you’re considering changing the locks anyways due to everyday wear and tear. And, instead of visiting the dealership for your car, feel free to check in with our locksmiths to get a better idea of some of the choices you may have in purchasing new locksets for your vehicle. We are proud to offer a variety of locksets at a cheaper cost than dealerships.

Especially if you are looking to upgrade your locksets, there are lots of different brands and parts that you may be able to choose from—whether you’re looking to install a digital, keyless entry system, or perhaps you simply need to put in a central lock system. We have access to a range of manufacturers and their lockset parts to provide you with many choices for your vehicle.

If you know the model and make of your car, simply give us a call or stop in and we can help determine which locksets will work for you.

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