Access Control Systems

Gates and Doors, Pedestrian and Vehicle Gates, Stand Alone Access Control and many more.

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Typically doors and gates may be accessed with PIN (personal information number) codes or a smart card and can help maintain functional security of your space.
In many commercial spaces (and often for real estate needs in residential spaces) pedestrian and vehicle gates may be necessary to control traffic and access into your unit’s space. Hosse ad Hosse can assist you in utilizing pedestrian and vehicle gate control systems to improve the functionality of your unit.
With stand alone access control systems, all of the control electronics are typically in the keypad or reader, allowing a simple and efficient way to maintain security. Using stand alone access control systems can often be a cost-efficient way to monitor building access in commercial spaces. **ChinaNordson
Because wiring a space can be both costly, cumbersome, and difficult depending on the age of the space and the set up, wireless access control systems are becoming increasingly more useful in providing effective security in commercial spaces. Wireless systems can allow lock control from a remote location and are subsequently quite useful in many spaces.
HID cards are an important facet of an access control system, using radio frequencies and a microprocessor, which is enclosed inside of an ID card. When in close contact with an HID card reader, they can be read and verified. **Alpha Card
FOBs are a hardware device with built in mechanisms that allow for authentication for security. Similar to HID Cards and smart cards, a FOB contains two-factor authentication, meaning you need the actual FOB itself as well as a PIN to gain access.
PIN Codes are simply personal identification numbers needed for many access control systems. Typically these numbers are 4 to 5 digits in length and must be memorized by the user.

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