Vault Door Lock Repair

We can service the lock and doors that provide entryway to these spaces.

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If you have a vault door in your commercial space that needs to be serviced, Hosse and Hosse can do the job. While we do not build panic rooms or vaults themselves, our trained professionals can service these spaces and doors to ensure maximum security for your space.

Vault doors can be used for a variety of protection: storm shelters, vaults for expensive and confidential items and property, rooms built specifically for protection from outside intruders. And while Hosse and Hosse does not design and build these rooms, we can service the lock and doors that provide entryway to these spaces. Vault doors are notorious for having a significant amount of features, which is part of the reason they are able to provide such high levels of security. There are a variety of locking mechanisms that are available for vault doors that are UL approved such as: dial locks, biometric locks, time locking mechanisms, locking bolts, re-lockers, cable-triggered re lockers, thermal re-lockers, and glass plate re-lockers. Hosse and Hosse can work with repairing any of these type of vault locking systems on your vault door.

Furthermore, there are a variety of types of vault doors such as inswing vault doors which are easier to conceal as opposed to outswing doors and we are equipped to service both types. In coming to Hosse and Hosse with vault door questions, it is helpful to know the details of the door (such as specifics about the hinges, the depth of the door, the brand of lock) so that we can best answer your questions and service your vault or panic room door as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

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