Transponder Key Copies

From a distance as opposed to inserting the key directly into the lock.


Transponder keys are becoming more commonplace for cars now, and they are specifically designed to be able to transmit a radio signal from a handheld device to a receiver in another location. This kind of technology is what allows cars to be locked and unlocked from a distance as opposed to inserting the key directly into the lock.

Furthermore, the technology of transponder keys is such that each key is designed and programmed specifically to only start one particular vehicle. This can obviously reduce the possibility of unwanted breaches in security, break ins, and theft. Each transponder key has its own microchip inside of it containing a specific serial number, which allows this technology to function effectively.

While this kind of key is commonly used in cars, it’s also the same technology used in other alarm keys, garage and gate openers, and wireless entry systems. For your automotive transponder needs, Hosse and Hosse can provide services. If your key is no longer working for some reason, feel free to bring it into Hosse and Hosse and our team of expert locksmiths can take a look at it and typically has the ability to fix most transponder key issues in a timely manner. We pride ourselves in being able to offer cost effective options that make it cheaper and easier for you than going to the car dealership for a new set of keys.Because transponder keys are specific to each vehicle, it’s important that you bring in the actual key itself so that we can be of service. Hosse and Hosse has experience working with virtually every key in existence, so don’t hesitate to call or ask questions at any time.

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