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Hosse and Hosse has experience working with restricted key systems.

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In considering a high security option for your commercial space, restricted keys are a popular and cost efficient option. Hosse and Hosse has experience working with restricted key systems and can help ensure the security of your space with restricted key access.

Restricted keys are essentially patented and protected keys that can help restrict access in commercial spaces and cannot be duplicated without authorization. These keys can be master keyed with authorization, but there are also several other benefits to utilizing restricted keys in your commercial security system. These keys can be time sensitive and can be programmed with features such as scheduling and audit trails. Scheduling simply means that the keys are scheduled to only work between specific times, and audit trails provide a time and date stamp for when the key was used. This high technology allows for the utmost control in a security system. Furthermore, with restricted keys, you can also add and remove keys from the system while also making temporary keys.

Restricted keys have largely become the standard for commercial spaces because they are extremely secure and provide complete control over who has access to keys. Typically, when the system is set up, the locksmith then has control over the system and must receive signed permission to add or remove keys from the system. This is an extremely cost efficient way for commercial units to secure their space. Hosse and Hosse has an knowledgeable team with experience in many commercial systems, including restricted keys, and is here to answer any and all questions you might have.

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