Residential Break In

We are here to help you repair and restore your locks and security to working order.


Unfortunately, despite security measures and vigilant protection, break ins and burglaries do occur sometimes. And while these situations can be troubling, worrisome, and stressful, Hosse and Hosse understands that your peace of mind and safety are always a top priority. If you have had a break in or burglary happen to your residence, we are here to help you repair and restore your locks and security to working order and get you the peace of mind you deserve about your home.

Having an intruder violate the safety of your home is extremely disconcerting, whether a door was kicked in or jammed or an entry lock was compromised in some way. Hosse and Hosse can provide you with the assistance you need in order to repair these damages quickly and safely. There are a lot of DIY videos and tutorials available that will attempt to walk you through this process, but enlisting the help of a trusted locksmith can ensure that these repairs are high quality and can help prevent this sort of security breach from happening again.

While Hosse and Hosse does not actually install doors, we repair door jambs (the vertical part of the frame that secures the door), which is often the section of the door that is damaged during a break in. We can also help install and repair any reinforcements to the door that may have been compromised. Do not hesitate to call us if the security of your home has been breached and you are seeking the trustworthy repairs of locksmith.

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