Rebuilt Safe Locks

Hosse and Hosse has years of experience working with safes.


Whether it’s due to damage or simply the desire to upgrade and change your safe, sometimes safe locks can need rebuilding. Hosse and Hosse has years of experience working with safes and can rebuild safe locks for just about any safe in existence.

These days, safes can come with an extremely wide variety of locking mechanisms. There are mechanical locks that require combinations, there are electronic locks that range from time locking to biometric locks, and there are a plethora of other types of locks that may be securing your safe from intrusion. If your safe has a simple, easy-to-use lock on it, Hosse and Hosse can rebuild it. If your safe has a sophisticated, highly-complicated lock on it, chances are Hosse and Hosse can also rebuild it.

Because safes contain such highly important information and items, we understand the necessity to secure them properly. If the lock on your safe has been damaged beyond repair or compromised in some way, rebuilding the lock may be a good option as opposed to purchasing a completely new safe. Stop by Hosse and Hosse and talk to our experts about your rebuilding options; we can help you understand the process of rebuilding a safe lock and walk you through it while answering any questions you might have. Your security and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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