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If you’re looking to install, upgrade, or service your master key system, Hosse and Hosse can help.

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If you’re looking to install, upgrade, or service your master key system, Hosse and Hosse can help. In a master key system, everyone has a key to open his or her specific door (such as in an apartment complex), but there is typically only one key that can open every door. For large residential communities and hotels, the master key system is essentially ubiquitous.

The most simple master key system usually has what is known as ‘two levels of keying.’ All this means is that the ‘lower level’ keys are the keys that can only open specific locks, and the higher level keys are the master keys. In hotels and apartment complexes, it’s necessary to have a master key in order to have access to the rooms and residences of your guests and renters, whether it’s for repairs and maintenance or in order to show a space to someone else. Thus, hotel managers and landlords have the “master key” that opens any or all of these locks, while the renter or guest has the “change key,” or the “lower level key” that only opens one specific lock. There are three and four level master key systems which designate grand master keys that preside over the master keys, but most spaces do not require anything more complicated than the four level system.

Because installing and servicing master key systems can be time consuming and costly, it’s important to utilize the system that works best for you. You will want to consider whether you want maximum security for your space or maximum convenience, or what the balance of those two looks like. And, you’ll want to consider what future expansion might look like in your space, as that will affect your master key system.

Still, master key systems are quite possibly the most cost effective type of security access control today. Hosse and Hosse can help you design the master key program that’s right for your needs and keep the up-to-date, detailed records necessary to maintain a functional master key system. We keep close records of all of our customers, and can organize your keys for you in any way necessary depending on your needs.

When dealing with a master key system, we encourage customers to maintain a high level of key control; knowing who has what keys in this system helps decrease any potential breaches in security.

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