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File cabinets are an important facet in organizing materials, papers, and files.

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In any commercial space (and sometimes in residential areas as well) file cabinets are an important facet in organizing materials, papers, and files. Because information kept inside file cabinets is often sensitive and confidential, businesses may seek to have these files locked at all times. Whether it’s a doctor’s office, a school, small or large business, or any other type of commercial space—chances are, there is a file cabinet somewhere that needs to be locked. And, because these keys are often smaller than typical keys and they may not be utilized as often, they can be easier to misplace. Fortunately, Hosse and Hosse can make duplicate copies of file cabinet keys just like regular commercial or residential keys.

Hosse and Hosse houses a gamut of blank keys in its store so that no matter what kind of file cabinet key you may need copied, we can do it quickly and easily. We are able to cut keys for walk ins and have virtually every key brand available so you never have to worry about whether or not we’ll be able to duplicate your file cabinet key.

Duplicating file cabinet keys is a particularly useful thing to do when first purchasing a file cabinet key, because you can then avoid the hassle of attempting to replace the specific key later on if it is misplaced or stolen. As always, feel free to call our store or drop in if you have any questions; our experts are here to help you in any way we can.

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