Commercial Lock Repair

Interior and Exterior locks for entry and exit.


When you move into a new space, often times it is a good security measure to change the locks. Because people who have occupied this space in the past may have working keys, it can be smart to change the locks to prevent any breaches in security. While sometimes this can be done by simply rekeying the lock, changing the locks is a good option when the locks are damaged or worn down, or if you’d like to increase the security of the lock itself by putting in a different lock entirely.

Changing the locks involves replacing all of the hardware in the lock as opposed to just the tumbler (which is what is altered during the re-keying process), and, as mentioned, is usually necessary if you have a lock that is damaged or has been worn down over the years. In some cases, you may need just one lock changed due to problems with the lock itself; in other cases, Hosse and Hosse may be able to provide lock changes for an entire building.

If your business is looking for a way to increase protection and security, changing the locks may be a good choice. Hosse and Hosse can install higher protection locks to increase and maintain security throughout your commercial space, and we typically have almost any type of lock you might need, as we work with every major brand of locks and all of our locksmiths are both certified and insured and have years of training. With more key inventory and more spare parts than any other locksmith in the Nashville area, Hosse and Hosse is pleased to utilize their expertise to quickly and safely change your for you.

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