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Since 1865 Hosse & Hosse has been protecting what matters most to the people of Nashville, Tennessee

The History of Hosse & Hosse Lock & Safe Company

We have a proud tradition of locksmith service to the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area for over 145 years. Hosse & Hosse Safe & Lock Co. is the oldest operating locksmith company in Tennessee and the 7th oldest business in Nashville. We've posted some of our favorite photos and news articles and hope you enjoy them! If you have any stories about Hosse & Hosse, we'd like to hear them - give us a call or send an email to history@hosseandhosse.com.

1899 Billhead for A.F. Hosse Office

"Hosse & Hosse Prepare to Give Quick Service on Locks and Keys"

Nashville Tennessean ( ca. 1928)

“Like many other industries, the past few years have brought marked advancement in the locksmithing business as will be revealed by a visit to Hosse & Hosse, 438 Deaderick Street.”

"Hoarder of Secrets"

Nashville Tennessean Magazine (9/14/1952)

“Every man’s home, according to ancient English common law, is his own little kingdom and about 10,000 years ago the Chinese began figuring out cute ways of locking their little kingdoms agaisnt the forays of enemies.”

"Longtime Locksmith Holds Key to Success"

Nashville Tennessean (1980s)

“Being a locksmith in the 1980s is pretty much like it’s always been. Although there are computers and electronic systems, a locksmith needs the same patience, mechanical aptitude and honesty that have always been required.”

"20 Oldest Nashville Businesses"

Nashville Tennessean (1998)

This article shows the top 20 ranked by the year founded in Nashville. We’re right there with Nashville Gas Co., Warren Brothers Sash & Door, United Methodist Publishing House, Levy’s, Southwestern/Great American, Inc., Robert Orr/Sys co Food Services Co., and Ambrose Printing Co.

Our key sign with a clock has been a distinctive Nashville landmark for over a century. Deaderick Street in Nashville.

The hustle and bustle of Deaderick Street in downtown Nashville in the 1950s. You can see our key sign on the right.

Years ago, we not only provided complete locksmith services, we had a wide variety of hardware and building supplies, including lawnmowers! (date unknown)

Hosse & Hosse Safe & Lock Co. today (2010), located on Woodland Street. Our famous sign moved with us!

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